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June 3  2021
New instrumental Album
'Germs From The Gene Pool'
: tracklist :

Señor Train"
"Big Oak on Boot Hill"
"Wooden Eye"

"Eagle Moon"
"Bee Rhumba"
"East of Here"
"Blueprint for Buster"

all music

©© Copyright 2021
Mark Barratt

CD available soon

May 11 2021
Mixing & Mastering

Music from 'Many Faces'
2018 CD posted to You Tube

"Lonely Swing"


Recording Session completed.
Lead Guitar added to a song
for an artist / composer music video.
(forthcoming side project)
- - - - - - - -

*** NATIVE SON ***
'The Live Sessions' (2011)
Ltd. Edition Album
***Now Sold Out
2018 CD
the Mark Barratt trio
"Blue Heart ... Sometimes"
"Going To Honolulu"
"Pale Green Eyes"
"Damn That Quicksand"
"Lonely Swing"
"I Wish I Could"
"Bone Canyon Blues"
"Wah's Occurring ?"

Mark Barratt Trio tracks
on You Tube.....
"Beavertown Strut"
"Turquoise Blues"
"Last Razoo"

During the last six months
an Auckland Radio Station
features numerous tracks
from Mark Barratt Trio, plus
various tracks from
Native Son albums.
27 July 2017
Mark Barratt trio
now available
contact via
this website
email address

-- tracklist --
1. Beavertown Strut.
2. Summerqueen.
3. Jina.
4. Turquoise Blues.
5. Last Razoo.
6. Cool Curve.
7. Bubblehead.
8. Groove For The Pharoah.
9. Rainflower.
all music

©© Copyright 2017
Mark Barratt
all tracks feature the
Mark Barratt Trio

except tracks 3 & 6 
which are solo guitar pieces only.

all music written by
Mark Barratt
except track 5 written by
Bruce Anthon/Mick Power/Mark Barratt

27 December 2016
Solo Recording project

Instrumental music for 
a solo album is now 
being recorded for a projected CD release in 2017.

Elements of Jazz/Rock/Blues/Funk are featured across the nine tracks and while some pieces have a standard Bass & Drums backing other pieces are solo Electric Guitar only.

© Copyright 2017
Mark Barratt 2013/14/15/16 
3 January 2016
Onwards into a new year.
History and  Equipment
pages have been updated.

14 February 2015
Rehearsal studio and Recording
activity only planned

3 January 2015

Various Native Son tracks on 
You Tube...

Check Out

Native Son - "Moving Target"

Native Son - "River Of Life"

Native Son - "Losing You"

Native Son - "Timeslip"

Native Son - "Believe It"

Native Son - "Puppet Man"

Native Son - "Another Day"

Native Son - "Crying In The Night"

9 March 2014

guesting with Brisbane
the Groove MASTERS

at the Grand View Hotel
2pm - 6pm


13 January  2014

Plans are almost finalised for a future recording project which is expected to commence later in 2014 featuring a new band name

History page has
been updated !!



13 June 2013
All projects are now temporarily on hold following my recent stay in hospital for scheduled surgery

3  May  2013
Currently working on the "Life" project...

No further Native Son activity planned


9 December  2012

Currently preparing material for side projects and writing songs for a future CD project.

15 January 2012
A demo was recorded late last year of one new instrumental piece titled "Gene Pool" 

10 June 2011
OUT  NOW  !!!
Native Son release their 5th album "the Live Sessions" 10th June 2011
CD's are available via this website and at forthcoming gigs 



1. Break  The  Ice  (orig. '83 arr.)
2. Cool Blue Love
3. Heaven Song
4. Timeslip
5. I Can Fly
6. Don't Let  Me Down
7. Believe It
8. Excerpt From The Peace Suite
9. Son Blues
All songs by Mark Barratt except
track # 6 by Lennon - McCartney
 and track # 9 by
Barratt - Bohl - Anthon

New arrangements --- New recordings

14  February  2011

Native Son CD # 5 
"The Live Sessions"
is now at the planning stages. The new album will feature several new songs as well as some reworked material all recorded in a LIVE studio setting.

The original new songs form part of the new Live set along with some previously recorded material from "Leap of Faith" and "Calling Time" which has been revamped to great effect by the new line-up.

"The Live Sessions" will also feature the song "Break the Ice" in it's original 1983 form which bares no musical resemblance to the version which appeared on the 2nd album "No Mans Land".



28 December  2010
The new line-up of Native Son continues to take shape with the inclusion of suitable cover songs being added to the set of new and old original material.
After only a few rehearsals new members Bruce and Mick add a creative freshness to the style and sound of the music.
Native Son ends the year on a positive high note.....!!!


23 November  2010
Mark continues writing and rehearsing  new material for inclusion on Native Son album # 5 and concurrently putting together songs for a proposed Live set.
He begins working with 2 experienced muso's from the Brisbane scene namely,
Bruce Anthon on Drums  and 
Mick Bohl on Bass.


23 October  2010
Mark Plays at a South Brisbane Muso's club along with assorted other musicians.
An original, covers and a blues jam set is featured as part of the evening's entertainment.


21 August 2010
Mark plays at a South Brisbane muso's club night with assorted other musicians.
A couple of Native Son songs are featured along with cover material.


7 August 2010
Native Son ---
  Calling Time has now been released with initial availability via this website.

For all enquiries please use the email contact address.

Calling Time is the 4th CD release by Native Son and was recorded, mixed and mastered during 2010 at Angel Studios Brisbane QLD.

Plans have been made for a new and refreshed line-up of Native Son.



27 June  2010
Mark plays a hastily arranged gig on Saturday night 26th at a south Brisbane club with assorted other musicians and guests.  Native Son material is performed along with established blues rock covers.

Plans are now underway for a new and "refreshed" line-up of  Native Son to promote the forthcoming album which is due for release in August.

Native Son line-up changes update:

It has become increasingly difficult to keep a cohesive band unit together
where the collective vibe and vision is shared amongst all members.
Mark Barratt as the original founding member of Native Son in his capacity
of guitarist, vocalist and songwriter started the band over 20 years ago in very different times.

In recent years the single handed task of self financing and managing the Native Son project as a ongoing band have been added to the overburdened list of commitments.

Attracting happy and patient band members can sometimes become extremely difficult in an ever changing music scene.

Like minded musicians need to possess
the creative flair, commitment and the necessary equipment to complement the established sound that has been the Native Son objective since 1989.
Over the last decade Native Son has evolved by design more as a solo project where recording has taken precedence over the dwindling gig circuit.

In reality any band or solo artist has to also accept the concept of treating their music as art without any financial return.

A new dawn is now on the horizon for Native Son as a group collective of  positive like minded musicians.




17 March 2009
Mark reunites with a former line-up of Simon Elton and Tom (Haggis) Lamb in a special invitation only gig on 22 March. 

This private function in Blenheim NZ features local muso friends from the past 4 decades.



27 May 2008
Mark is currently in the planning and  writing stages of  material for a 4th Native Son album and new line-up 


1 December 2007
Johnny & the Phantoms live at the Shafston Hotel Brisbane 4169


26 October 2007
Johnny & the Phantoms live at the Browns Plains Tavern, Brisbane 4118


1st September 2007
Johnny & the Phantoms live at the Mexy Cafe, Calamvale Market Place, Brisbane.  



17 June 2007
Mark plays guitar as part of Johnny and the Phantoms at a 3 hour open air gig in Brisbane.

 Johnny and the Phantoms play 1950's rock n' roll and surf instrumentals in their own style and the line-up comprises ----- John Stroud (guitar/vocals), Ray Stroud (bass/vocals), Tony van der Puttten - or - 
Max Butler (drums/vocals),  and Mark Barratt (guitar/vocals). 


7 February 2007
Mark joins forces with other expat
NZ'ers to do studio work on original material for several forthcoming Australian based projects.

Various other side projects including live work are also planned.


14 January 2007
As 2007 begins Mark  Barratt is now  relocating his music projects to the Southern Hemisphere. The next chapter could see a new Native Son type line-up and album as well as recording and live collaborations with other musicians.


6 January 2007
Mark, Chris and Terry played the usual set of music at the latest in the series of gigs at Chipperfield on Friday 5th.  The venue was packed and Mark again played guitar as part of the Rob Pickett Band which also featured the Genghis Brothers rhythm section - Geoff Bolam (Bass) and John Kenny  (Drums)


4 November 2006

Mark and Chris are joined by Chris Gillan on Drums for the 2nd in the regular gigs at Chipperfield.   The gig on Friday 3rd  in front of a full crowd saw some blues instrumentals added to the set. Mark and Chris Gillan also performed as part of the Rob Pickett Band during the evening.


20 October 2006
Mark, Chris and Terry play the first gig at a new venue in Chipperfield, Herts.  The successful  evening comprises part of the current Live set and also backing for other performers. 


23 April 2006
Mark, Chris and Terry performed a long set at the Kings Langley Musicians Club on Friday 21st. The set featured space age blues rock, Native Son songs, and Jeff Beck & Billy Cobham jazz rock instrumentals.


19 March 2006
Mark was joined by Chris Garner (Bass), Terry Finn  (Drums) and Tony Finn (Percussion) at the latest in the regular gigs at the Kings Langley Cricket Club. The venue was packed for the Friday 17th event and the set list for the evening comprised Native Son material and Jazz Rock instrumentals.

7 December 2005

See LIVE page for details of the latest in the continuing  series of occasional guest gigs.   --- Following on from Novembers special gig Native Son are scheduled to finish the year with a December gig as part of the regular music night in Kings Langley. 


8 April 2005
Mark plays another live gig at the Hertfordshire venue using the same bassist and drummer combination along with some different guests.  The set featured  Rock, Jazz and Blues jams.

Further appearances are scheduled over the coming months at the same venue  -- ---  check  LIVE  page for updates.


18 March 2005
Mark plays a live gig at a Hertfordshire club with Chris Garner (bass) and Terry Finn (drums) -- plus special guests. A jammin' night featuring Rock, Jazz and Blues music including a solo performance of the Native Son track Heaven Song. 


16 July 2004
Heepsteria now deleted/hard to find!? 
- Anyone wishing to obtain the Native Son only featured tracks may now contact this site direct for CD-R copies. 


3 October 2003 
Leap of Faith CD now available via and


13 January 2003 
First Native Son album Solidground (1991) now available to order online via   : £7.99 


9 October 2002
Utopian Sky project changed to new concept. Original demo's of new material scrapped. Further details of fresh direction on FAQ page... 


13 May 2002

U.S.A.  Online  music  sales  company
                         CD  BABY
add   Native Son -- Leap Of Faith  c.d. 
to catalog.    Access details via link ----


2 January 2002
Native Son music available to order on line via   -
Native Son - Leap of Faith: £11.99
Various Artists - Heepsteria  (2 CD) featuring two tracks by Native Son: £12.99



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