Mark Barratt - Guitar / Vocals


Fender Stratocaster  (Black/Maple neck)
Fender Stratocaster  (Sunburst/Maple neck)
Fender Stratocaster  (White/Rosewood neck)
Fender Stratocaster  (Sunburst/Rosewood neck)
Fender Stratocaster  (White/Maple neck)
Gibson Les Paul Custom
Ovation Acoustic (occasional studio use)

(continual use/various times)

Vemuram Jan Ray Overdrive
Maxon AD999 Delay

Berkos Germanium Experience Fuzz
Foxrox Octron 
Maxon SD9 Sonic Distortion
Vemuram Shanks 3k Germanium Boost
Drybell Vibe Machine V1
Hermida Dover Drive (Ge)
Vemuram Shanks ODS 1
Klon Centaur
Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe +
Lovepedal COT50 (HW ML Black foldy)
Vemuram Shanks II Fuzz
Xotic XW1 Wah Wah
Way Huge Blue Hippo MKII Chorus
Neunaber  Stereo WET Reverb
Vemuram Galea
Foxrox Paradox TZF  (through zero flanger)
Lovepedal COT 50 (HW "Blue" Black foldy)
Jam Pedals Waterfall Chorus
Way Huge Mister Box
Xotic Volume Pedal XVP 250K
Lovepedal COT50 Lil' China (HW)
Vertex- Arion Landau Chorus
Way Huge Geisha Drive
Lovepedal COT50 (HW White foldy)
Lovepedal Eternity Burst
Way Huge Green Rhino MK2
Suhr Jack Rabbit Tremelo
Berkos Third Stone Fuzz
Foxrox Aquavibe
Hartman Analog Flanger
Analogman Sunface (white dot) NKT275 Fuzz
Fromel Seraph Spatial Chorus
Hermida Zendrive
Hammond Leslie G Pedal
Bogner Lyndhurst Compressor



Suhr  ML100  amplifier
Svetlana "Winged C" EL34 Power Tubes
Mullard 12ax7 Pre-amp tubes/Sovtec 12ax7 WA pre-amp tube

Suhr  SL67  amplifier
Svetlana "Winged C" EL34 Power Tubes
Mullard 12ax7 Pre-amp tubes/Genalex Gold Lion ECC83/B759 pre-amp tube

Suhr Badger 30 amplifier
Svetlana EL34 Power Tubes
Mullard 12ax7 Pre-amp tubes

Marshall JMP - 100 amplifiers  ( 2203 / 1978 vintage )
(modded - no bright caps + added early drive caps)
*** Low input only used ***
(Mullard 12ax7 Pre-Amp Tubes)
(Svetlana  EL34 Power Tubes)

All amplifiers feature EL34 power tubes
and various pre-amp tubes combinations


Mesa Boogie 2x12  horizontal 3/4 open back cabinet
2 x 12 Celestion G12- 65 Heritage Speakers 

Mesa Boogie 4x12  1/2 open back cabinet
Top ** 2 x 12 Celestion Heritage G12 H 55 speakers
Bottom ** 2 x 12 Celestion Heritage G12 H 75 speakers



Vocal Mic (Live) - Electrovoice N/D 967
Guitar Mic (Live) -  Electrovoice  N/D 457
Guitar Recording Mic - Neumann U89 or Neumann U47 and Shure SM57 and Coles Ribbon Mic. (and sometimes a Royer 121 or AKG414)
Vocal Recording Mic (Studio) - Neumann U87 or Neumann U47
Strings - Curt Mangan PURE NICKEL 10 - 46 gauge STRATOCASTER
            - Mangan NICKLEWOUND 10 - 46 gauge LES PAUL
            - Mangan Phosphor Bronze Acoustic  11 -  52 gauge
Picks    - Dunlop Tortex 1.0 mm  (or Fingers)
- Stratocaster Pick-Ups ( Suhr ML Standard Sets  -- with .047 Capacitors )
- Les Paul Pick-Ups ( WCR  Darkburst Set )
- Stratocaster  Humbucker Pick-Ups  ( Lollar Imperial Low Wind & Standard Wind "Pearl Top"Sets  - with .022  Capacitors )
9 volt Zinc Carbon Batteries  ( Eveready Black Cat or Red Cat )
Diago Pedalboard with Diago Powerstation  


       Fender Stratocasters



Maxon AD999 Delay                      Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe +     Way Huge Blue Hippo Chorus                          Xotic XW1 Wah Wah

    Neunaber WET Reverb      Vemuram Jan Ray Overdrive     Maxon SD9 Distortion    Hermida Dover Drive    Foxrox Octron 3



Current live / studio routing - chain of command  June 2021 >>>

>> Fender Stratocaster  Guitar  >>
 ( into pedalboard - usually all analog and true bypass pedals -  usually only 1 or 2 or 3 pedals engaged at any one time )
( Overdrives are very rarely stacked -- Sometimes for extra compression only )
    Vemuram Shanks ODS 1  > Drybell Vibe Machine V1  > Way Huge Blue Hippo > 
Vemuram Shanks 2 > Maxon SD9  >  Suhr Jack Rabbit  Tremolo  >
 >  Maxon AD999 Delay  >  Neunaber WET Reverb > 

 ***  currently alternating between Maxon SD9 or Way Huge Mister Box or Way Huge Geisha Drive ***

-- some pedal chain order requires change depending on sonic response -
Vemuram Shanks 3K is a Rangemaster Germanium Boost Ltd Edition (discontinued pedal)
Vemuram Shanks 2  is a Fuzz / Overdrive
Vemuram Shanks ODS 1   Overdrive

 ( INTO AMPLIFIER ) > Suhr  ML100 Amplifier / Mesa Boogie 412 (Half Open Back) Cabinet
               (or ) > Suhr  SL67 Amplifier / Mesa Boogie 212 Horizontal Cabinet

(Other Amplification) --  Marshall JMP 100 2203 Vintage Amp
Suhr Badger 30 

Amplifiers are often interchanged with either 412 or 212 cabinet 


Suhr  ML 100
Mesa Boogie 412 half open back
(120 watt )  Cabinet

Marshall JMP 100
Mesa Boogie 412 half open back 
(120 watt ) Cabinet 

(Top Section -- 2 x Celestion Heritage
G12 H 55  Speakers) 
(Bottom Section -- 2 x Celestion Heritage 
G12 H 75  Speakers)  





Suhr  SL 67  ( 50/20)
Mesa Boogie  212   (130 watt ) Cabinet
(2 x Celestion Heritage G12 - 65 H  Speakers)

Suhr  Badger  30
Mesa Boogie 212 (130 watt) Cabinet
(2 x Celestion Heritage G12 - 65 H Speakers)
-- -- Fender Stratocaster -- --

(Constantly changing various Overdrive/Fuzz and "Swirly" Pedals)
Images below show various pedalboard configuration examples incorporating
Klon Centaur, Lovepedal COT50 (black or white), Berkos Germanium Experience Fuzz,
Maxon AD999 Delay, Vemuram Jan Ray, Maxon SD9 Distortion,
Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe + , Jam Pedals Waterfall Chorus,
Neunaber WET Reverb, Foxrox Octron 3, Xotic XW1 Wah Wah,
Lovepedal Lil' China, Foxrox TZF (through zero flanger),
Hammond Leslie G Pedal, Vemuram Shanks 3K Pedal,
Berkos Third Stone Fuzz, Lovepedal Eternity Burst,
Fromel Seraph Spatial Chorus, Hartman Analog Flanger





















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